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Recommendations for the Ayahuasca Ceremony


The effects of Ayahuasca or Yagé are generally colorful visions, a sensation of tranquility and alterations in the perception of reality. It is normal to experience nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea from the purgative effects of natural medicine.

Most people start to feel the effects within twenty to sixty minutes after taking it, depending on the dose. The visions, the trip or the pint can last from two to six hours.


  • It is important to receive the medicine of Mother Nature at the right time and with the proper preparation, therefore, you must follow this diet the five days prior to the Ayahuasca Ceremony:

  • Avoid dairy, meat, fat, salt, spicy, beans, animal products. Ideally, your body should arrive as lightly loaded as possible at the shot.

  • Do not consume alcohol or psychoactive substances.

  • Avoid having sex. Sexual energy is the strongest and is easily transferred between individuals. Remember that this healing experience is for you, so try to take care of your energy the days before taking it and not contaminate it from other people or situations.

  • Avoid bad news, headaches, stress, fights, discussions. Try to take care of your energy the days prior to taking, negative energy frequencies can affect you mentally and spiritually.


  • Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking in nature, we recommend boots.

  • Take a complete change of clothes and everything you need for your personal hygiene.

  • Take an extra jacket or jacket and/or thermal socks, in case it is a cold night.

  • It is not necessary to bring a tent, mattress, sleepbag, pillow or blanket. We guarantee your comfort during the event.


  • Ayahuasca consumption is NOT a casual activity, and should only be practiced under the guidance of an experienced shaman or master alchemist.

  • Listen to your intuition, if there is something that does not resonate with you, avoid it.

  • Ayahuasca is one of the strongest natural medicines due to its purging effect (vomiting and diarrhea) and the visions that can become overwhelming for certain people.

  • Pregnant people in a state of pregnancy may NOT attend the ceremony or take the shot.

  • Pregnant people and menstruating people may NOT attend the ceremony if they are on their moon or menstruating that day, nor do the taking.

  • People who are undergoing pharmacological treatment to treat psychiatric, cardiovascular or neurological conditions should consult their specialist doctor about contraindications with the chemical compound "beta-carboline". It is recommended to suspend the drug five days before taking it. Consult with a specialist doctor about contraindications and adverse effects of stopping the medication.

  • It is your responsibility to acquire this experience in a place, legally constituted company and receive the medicine from a person specifically trained to provide the medicine.

  • This experience has a limited space, we reserve the rights of admission and permanence.

  • Respectful, calm and conscientious behavior towards other people is expected of all attendees.

  • Healing is an individual process. Remember that in our Ayahuasca Ceremony you have traditional indigenous medical experts, their guidance, support and company throughout the experience.


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