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Applicator for Rapandtobacco


Craftsman:Nestor Chasoy Camuez


Community Location:Sibundoy Valley, Upper Putumayo, Colombia


The applicators are made of Bamboo and are colored fabrics, which represent the multicolors of life according to the Inga community.


Simple Snuff Applicator

Yellow, Orange and Purple
white and brown
  • Rapé tends to be a shared experience, in which one partner blows on another, this is intentional medicine, through a bamboo or bone applicator.

    These applicators have the particularity that they are used for both a personal and shared breath.

    It is advisable to intention the medicine before proceeding with the blow, this is done through a prayer, which can be internal, expressed or sung. In este the healing energy of the spirit of the mixture is invoked.

    As you proceed, you must close off your breathing passages, allow the mixture to go as far up your nostrils as possible, which can be startling at first, but slowly proceed to breathe through your mouth, then back through your nose. .

    Once both nostrils have been blown, which balances the cerebral hemispheres, the best thing to do is to internalize the experience, go into silence, and allow the medicine to work on the emotions and sensations; Normally what surrounds us suddenly acquires a great vividness, but at the same time it is a very inward journey.

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