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Thu, Apr 27


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Induction Ceremony to Indigenous Ancestral Medicine

Recognize your connection to nature through fantastic and inspiring visions and the feeling of completeness and absolute happiness.

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Induction Ceremony to Indigenous Ancestral Medicine
Induction Ceremony to Indigenous Ancestral Medicine

Time & Location

Apr 27, 2023, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM GMT-5

Receive location after booking

About the event

Today we are rediscovering our roots and traditions, integrating them into our lives and learning to take advantage of them to improve our mental, emotional and physical health.  We're glad you're here!

In this experience you will understand why the Tobacco plant and the Coca plant are sacred to the Amazonian indigenous peoples. You will also learn how and when to use them and all the benefits they have for your emotional, mental and physical health. You will live the gifts that Mother Nature gives us when we trust in her wisdom with the four medicines: Rapé, Ambil, Mambé and Coca Tea. 


Thanks to their mystical properties and powers, sacred plants are capable of leading humans to holistic knowledge, introspection and even spiritual healing. For centuries, indigenous peoples have used the Tobacco plant and the Coca plant, among many others, in traditional rituals to connect with the astral world, ask for guidance and heal. 

Each plant is unique and depending on the use and purpose that is given to it, it can favor processes of thought, emotion, communication and healing, as well as preparing the human being for purification through purging and introspection. The purpose of medicines focuses on the prevention and solution of suffering, pain and diseases in a natural way.

In order to adopt this wisdom in our lives, we must first restore to ourselves the most important concept that we have been forgetting with the arrival of industrialization, technology and capitalism: plants are sacred. 

Plants deserve exceptional respect, they must be cared for and preserved and they must not be offended for any reason. Understanding this is accepting and living in harmony with all life on the planet. 

For this reason, Nuna Sinsi recommends this experience for those who have had an awakening of consciousness or are actively seeking to awaken spiritually. Also for people who recognize that they can be better and seek to do it in a natural and introspective way. 

Healing is a strong process and Nuna Sinsi accompanies you throughout your path with indigenous ancestral medicine.  

Welcome to the magical, traditional and sometimes forgotten universe of natural medicine!


  • Get to know and experience Latin American indigenous ancestral medicine.
  • Connect with the healing power of ancestral indigenous medicine.
  • Recognize your connection to nature through fantastic and inspiring visions and the feeling of completeness and absolute happiness.
  • Rapé decalcifies your pineal gland, the one in charge of connecting with the spirit.
  • The Mambé and the Ambil will teach you to communicate assertively and lovingly.
  • Coca Tea will give you a broader vision of the Coca plant as a holistic medicine.


This Induction Ceremony to Indigenous Ancestral Medicine will bring you closer to the tradition, culture and worldview of some Amazonian indigenous peoples. You will learn about four fundamental medicines for physical, mental and spiritual healing according to the shamanic tradition: Rapé (powder made from Tobacco), Mambé (crushed Coca leaf), Ambil (Tobacco paste) and Coca Tea (Coca leaves), and you will have the necessary knowledge to include them in your healing process. 


  • Accompaniment and guidance of indigenous Taitas from the Huitoto or Inga or Nasa Communities
  • Group talk with Taita, master of ancestral medicine.
  • Indigenous Ancestral Medicines for this experience: Rapé. Mambé, Ambil and Coca Tea
  • Guided Meditation. Mindfulness exercise.
  • Facilities in the middle of nature.
  • Unlimited drinking water during the experience.
  • Connection with nature and the four elements.
  • Medical insurance and Contractual Policy.


  • Eat light foods like fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid consuming animal products (meat, dairy), fat, salt, spicy, coffee, black tea.
  • Fast for at least 4 hours to live the experience.


  • Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking in nature, we recommend boots.
  • Take an extra jacket or jacket and/or thermal socks, in case it is a cold night.
  • It is not necessary to bring a tent, mattress, sleepbag, pillow or blanket. We guarantee your comfort during the event.


  • The consumption of Rapé, Mambé, AmbilIt is NOT a casual activity, and aloneit should be practiced under the guidance of an experienced shaman or master alchemist.
  • Listen to your intuition, if there is something that does not resonate with you, avoid it.
  • Pregnant people in a state of pregnancyNOthey cannot attend the ceremony or take the shot.
  • Pregnant people and menstruating peopleNOthey can attend the ceremony if they are on their moon or menstruating that day.
  • It is your responsibility to acquire this experience in a place, legally constituted company and receive the medicine from a person specifically trained to provide the medicine.
  • This experience has a limited space, we reserve the rights of admission and permanence.
  • Respectful, calm and conscientious behavior towards other people is expected of all attendees.
  • Healing is an individual process. Remember that in our Induction Ceremony to Indigenous Ancestral Medicine you have traditional indigenous medical experts, their guidance, support and company throughout the experience.

This experience takes place in Bogotá, Colombia.


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