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Ayahuasca ceremony

In this magical experience of physical, mental and spiritual healing, you will be able to connect with your interior, find the answer to your most important questions, heal physical and mental ailments, overcome emotional traumas, understand your purpose in life, ask your intuition for guidance, discover other astral planes and communicate with your spiritual beings, ancestors or guides.


Due to its incredible effects, it is the perfect medicine to achieve an awakening of consciousness. It is also ideal for spiritual healing and shadow work.

Benefits of this experience

Participate in the next


12 hours

30 minutes of organization

Help to

People suffering from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, etc.

Directed by

Taita community Inga, Nasa or Cofán

*depends on availability


Personal process of introspection, self-knowledge and healing.


To be defined according to the time of year. In any case, 2 hours from Bogotá.

not suitable for

Under 21 years of age, pregnant people, consult.

sacred plants

The health benefits of ayahuasca are numerous. It has been shown to reduce symptoms of chronic conditions like chronic pain and chronic fatigue, relieve stress and anxiety, and provide a deep connection on a spiritual level.

The indigenous medicine Ayahuasca or Yagé has formed a fundamental part of the worldview, health and indigenous spirituality of South America for many centuries, considered sacred by many indigenous peoples, since it symbolizes the link between the physical and spiritual world.

Ayahuasca is a drink prepared with psychotropic plants that is taken as part of spiritual ceremonies by various indigenous cultures in the Amazon. It contains certain active principles, among which dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and harmine stand out, which act on our neurotransmitters, thus allowing an altered state of consciousness.


The effects of ayahuasca are varied. On a physical level, it has been proven that ayahuasca offers a slight lapse effect, which allows better joint and muscle flexibility.


Additionally, it has been proven to reduce the symptoms of some chronic conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. On an emotional level, both ayahuasca and yagé have proven useful in combating anxiety, depression, and stress.


In fact, some users have claimed that yagé has allowed them to be more in control of their thoughts and feelings, helping them gain a clearer perspective on their emotions.


In spiritual terms, many say that ayahuasca allows them to connect with something beyond themselves, with a higher force that helps them see things from a different perspective.


This deep connection is said to help individuals find their true purpose and release fear, guilt, and resentment.


In general, the Ayahuasca indigenous medicine offers numerous benefits for human health and spirituality. But, to avoid problems, it is important to follow the guidelines and recommendations of an experienced expert.


It is essential that people who decide to perform Ayahuasca ceremonies do so preferably with experienced traditional indigenous doctors.

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