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Textura de hormigón

Tobacco Deepening Ceremony

Today we are rediscovering our roots and traditions, integrating them into our lives and learning to take advantage of them to improve our mental, emotional and physical health.  

We're glad you're here!


In this experience you will understand why the tobacco plant is sacred to the Amazonian indigenous peoples. You will also learn how and when to use it and all the benefits it has for your emotional, mental and physical health.

You will experience the gifts that Mother Nature gives us when we trust in her wisdom.


We will delve into the healing properties, benefits, uses and different types of medicinal Hoska and Rapé that the indigenous people make with the sacred tobacco plant.


We will have the guidance of a Taita from the Inga or Nasa community and live traditional music to honor nature and celebrate your progress on the Path of Spiritual Awakening. 

We offer you three different blends to broaden your knowledge of Hoska and Rapé and their effects on you.

Remember that healing includes purging processes, so we recommend fasting for at least five hours before living the experience. 

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Bogota, Colombia 

    *you will receive the exact location when you book

Benefits of this experience

Participate in the next session


2 hours

30 minutes of organization

Help to

People who suffer from rhinitis, sinusitis, anxiety, addictions, etc.

Directed by

Taita community Huitoto, Inga, Nasa or Cofán


Types of snuff, differences, uses, benefits, worldview.


To be defined according to the time of year. Bogota Colombia.

not suitable for

Under 21 years of age, pregnant people, 

sacred plants

Tobacco is used to connect with the spiritual world, honor the Earth and the spirits and thus achieve spiritual well-being and balance.

The tobacco plant has been a fundamental part of South American indigenous culture for thousands of years. It is believed that it was discovered by the indigenous people of the region more than 6,000 years ago and since then it has been linked to rituals, ceremonies and other cultural aspects.


In the indigenous worldview, it is believed that tobacco acts as a mediator between human and divine spirits. Every time the indigenous people smoke tobacco, they offer honor and respect to God, the Earth and the spirits. Tobacco is also traditionally used for many other things, such as greeting the elderly and making offerings to the dead and spirits.


It is also used as payment for shamans who perform special ceremonies to cure diseases, treat spiritual problems, and find answers to important questions. Its regular use helps balance the soul and contributes to extending life in harmony with the elements of the environment.

The importance of the tobacco plant for the indigenous people of South America is undeniable. This sacred and ancient plant is vital to maintain their culture and worldview.


The tobacco plant is a gift from Mother Earth that the indigenous people have preserved for thousands of years, learn how to preserve it too!

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